We are very excited to announce that Maverick has been enrolled in the East Coast Stallion Incentive Fund!

What is it?
The ECSIF is a program that has been developed by Dawn and Clea (of On The Road With Dawn and Clea) to promote the excellent stallions on the East Coast. 20 stallions were chosen to be a part of this.

How's it work?
Basically, there are a few special shows each year that will have extra incentive money added to the class for ECSIF horses. If you own offspring of a stallion enrolled in the ECSIF, you are eligible to win that extra money for that class!

How do I get a piece of this?
Own a Mav baby! Breed your mare to him or buy a foal produced at home. The incentive fund will only grow as popularity increases, and one of the incentive classes is a futurity. You could be winning extra money in a few short years!

What shows support the ECSIF?
Right now, incentive money is being added to the Panty Raid Futurity, Barrel Royale, and the Best of the Best are shows supporting ECSIF.

Want more information? Visit the ECSIF website: ECSIF