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Foaled dunskin filly March 19, 2016


Lacie is a 2003 perlino dun mare. She is homozygous for the cream gene, which means she will never throw a red foal. Crossed with Maverick, their foals will ALWAYS be a buckskin! Plus, Lacie has a dun gene that she can throw 50% of the time, but so far she has thrown the dun gene on 4 out of 6 foals. Lacie produces solid, thick foals that are sweet and personable with loads of intelligence.

Lacie is broke to ride and has been taken on trail rides. She is quiet and smooth, takes her time on the trails and takes in the scenery.

Lacie is not able to be registered with NFQHA because they do not register double dilutes. With that being said, her papers were submitted and the registry still did the background search. Lacie came in at 92% with their registry.

There is a waiting list for this mare's foal for 2017.