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                                                                               Due April 7, 2016

Tess is a 2004 sorrel mare who was chosen for her petite, athletic frame, compact conformation, old cow bloodlines, and sweet personality. She may not be high percentage foundation, but she carries the desirable traits! I acquired Tess in December of 2010 and bred her the spring of 2011, but I did ride her some. Previous owners used her in 4-H and as a working cow horse. She is smooth, with a quicker step, high energy and is slow to tire. She is sweet and loveable, and loves having her belly rubbed in her later months of pregnancy.

Tess's sire's dam is Movin Doc. Movin Doc is full sister to Docs Movida. Docs Movida is a proven producer of Barrel Futurity Champions.
Tess's grandsire, Peppy's Paloma is a NCHA money Earner, $7,028: Congress NCHA $20,000 Non-Pro Co-Champion.

Tess's babies should make excellent barrel prospects with a good hip and short back. With her light,compact frame and speed and Maverick's level head and easy trainability, this cross will be very athletic.